In this day and age of fast-food chains and restaurants that bring flavors from Western, Asian, and other cuisines from around the world, there is nothing like the comfort and satisfaction that Filipino comfort food provides us. Aside from renowned Filipino restaurants that have been thriving for decades in the local food industry, there have also been new food businesses who aim to serve the heartiest Filipino meals. Despite all the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has induced upon the local food industry, some food businesses still managed to prosper. One of which is Cocina de Relleno, or also known as the “Home of the Legendary Authentic Rellenong Bangus”.

Signature Rellenong Bangus Cuisine of Cocina de Relleno

Starting out as a home-based online food business, Cocina de Relleno was established last September 2022 in a humble apartment in San Juan, Philippines. The business operated on a cook-to-order basis, ensuring that customers receive freshly cooked Filipino meals once delivered or picked up.

Their signature dish and customer-favorite is Rellenong Bangus or Stuffed Monkfish – a traditional Filipino meal that is enjoyed and craved by many. With a recipe that has been refined to perfection by the owner herself, their version of Rellenong Bangus has a unique mix of seasonings and spices that profoundly enhanced the meal’s flavors. Unlike other versions that are commercially-made, Cocina de Relleno’s renowned Rellenong Bangus does not include ground pork or any kind of meat in the recipe, other than the meat of the fish itself. Furthermore, no MSG is used in cooking, as its natural flavors really peek through each bite.

Aside from their own specialty of Rellenong Bangus, Cocina de Relleno also serves other hearty meals such as Sweet and Sour Salmon Belly, Sarciadong Tilapia, Kinilaw na Bangus, and Chicken Breast Adobo. They are currently working on new recipes to include more flavorsome dishes to the menu.

Cocina de Relleno owner Judith Schroth Del Mundo, received the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence at Manila Hotel last December 16, 2022.

As Cocina de Relleno was a relatively new startup business, competing with other established food businesses was a known struggle–especially when faced against businesses who have been thriving for decades. Nonetheless, they were able to overcome this with the help of online advertising via Facebook and Google, which really exposed their business to the public eye. In fact, Cocina de Relleno has been awarded the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence and Outstanding Filipino Achievers 2022 as Best Authentic Filipino Food Specialty Restaurant by the National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services (NADREMS) Inc. and SINAG Foundation on December 16, 2022.

Recognition and awards received by Cocina de Relleno

As Cocina de Relleno continues to grow and make a name for itself, they aim to attain a wider reach of customers by expanding their franchise to other areas in Metro Manila, and hopefully, the whole Philippines. Truly, this food business continues to prove that great things start small. And with the richest of Filipino flavors that our local cuisine has to offer, Cocina de Relleno’s menu will make you want to keep coming back for more. For orders or inquiries, please contact Cocina de Relleno at 85322308, 09053369984 or through their official Facebook page. Their menu can also be viewed here.

written by: Chloe De Guzman

Photos: Cocina de Relleno

Source: Diyaryo Milenyo Digital News


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