This was the response of former Cavite Representative and PAGCOR Board Director Gilbert Remulla on the possibility of becoming the next Press Secretary.

If I would suggest, Gilbert Remulla for me would be the best choice for the said position in Malacañang. Why? He has previously served as a former Congressman, and a lawmaker, he is also aware and knowledgeable of government policies, and he can communicate well to foreign people and being as a former broadcaster who is better understood by the Filipino people in the country.

Above all, we also need someone like Gilbert Remulla who can respond and answer international laws and diplomacy in smooth and effective communication. I know for myself who is deserve the position and who can serve the public and the country, especially on issues in government that transparency should be above all. Whereas, in fact, during my high school graduation rites, Mr. Gilbert Remulla was invited to be our guest speaker says, “EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SOCIAL MOBILITY.” And I can still remember that words as my guide during my college days.

I believe with Mr. Gilbert Remulla’s ability and communication expertise which will be better and effective if he is allowed to serve in government and for the countrymen. -END-

Photo: The Cavite Rising



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