When I was in the Advertising agency year 2015, our team asked me to produce a copy slogan or a tagline for a starter paints ideal for homes, establishments, and corporate offices since that our client’s product line are more on producing auto paints. Then I come up for research and feel so exhausted until one day, I finally overcome the dilemma and it pangs on my mind to rethink and re-conceptualized a catchy copy that people will easily remember the so-called ‘brand recall’ so here it is! I produced a slogan copy for the branding concept of Sphero Paints which is, “Walang Pero-Pero sa Sphero!” That idea was I originally made it and presented it to the client and approved! I am proud of it because this company is still using my produced copy for their branding, and promotions in Print Ads, Radio ads, and marketing tools. Thanks, Globesco Inc. for your continuing support with my copy concept. More power!

Image courtesy: Sphero Paints / Asatsu Advertising
Image: Sphero Paints official Facebook page

“Walang Pero-Pero sa Sphero!”

Published 2015-2016



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